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Rabbit Plushie

Rabbit Plushie

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✦ One [1] 12 inch round video game rabbit inspired plush.
✦ Soft exterior fabric, that is smooth to the touch.
✦ Plush is squishy, but firm enough to hold its shape.

✦ While pre-orders are still being fulfilled, please understand that new orders for plushies will take some time to ship.


✦ Colors may vary from what you see on screen to what you receive.

✦ Plastic is used when putting embroidery on the plushies. Sometimes this plastic gets stuck & left on the plushie in small amounts. Gently pull the plastic off the embroidery to remove it.

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Customer Reviews

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Rose Love Cosplay

I am so happy with my bunny, so cute!

Tori Mayes
Everything I could’ve wanted

I am an adult on the autism spectrum. FNAF Security Breach and Squishmallows are two of my hyperfixations, as the game means a lot to me and Squishmallows help with my sensory issues. The fact that someone has lovingly put together a perfect merge of the two things into one beautiful creation absolutely blows my mind, and I am so lucky to have stumbled across this creator :) This has been a very amazing purchase, and if you’re a fan of both FNAF and Squishmallows like me, I highly recommend you get one. It is super soft and feels just like the real deal

Need to buy another!

I bought this as a gift for a friend, and now I’m highly considering buying one for myself. The size is bigger than I expected (roughly the size of an average squishmallow.) but I can’t comment on its softness as I haven’t taken it out of the wrap it came in. The packaging was great! It even came with a warning as to opening methods, so you don’t damage your item. Absolutely wonderful.