Pre-Order Questions

How do pre-orders work?

Pre-orders in this shop are done as "campaigns". This means that pre-orders will be open for a set period of time & close after that time period ends.

During that time period, a certain number of orders have to be placed for the pre-order campaign to be succesful. If that goal is reached and/or exceeded, then the production process for those pre-orders will begin when pre-orders close.

Are all pre-order campaigns succesful?

As much as I would like them to be, unfortunately pre-order campaigns may fail if a certain number of pre-orders aren't reached.

In the event a pre-order campaign fails, those who did pre-order will be refunded!

Why am I unable to cancel my pre-order?

As previously stated, a certain number of orders have to be placed for a pre-order campaign to be considered succesful.

Manufacturing can be extremely costly for certain pre-order items & this is done to ensure all production costs can be covered. So please ensure that you definitely want an item before you place a pre-order.

What happens if I place an order for an in-stock item & a pre-order item?

As there are times when pre-order campaigns may be canceled & refunded, we ask that you place seperate orders for the in-stock item & pre-order item.

In the event you put both items on the same order & the campaign is succesful, the in-stock item will be held until the pre-order item arrives. To avoid having to wait, again we ask that you place separate orders.

In the event you put both items on the same order & the campaign is unsucessful, the entire order has to be canceled.

Refunds & Shipping Questions

It's taking too long to receive my item, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds will be given on behalf of shipping times & delays. As mentioned in the shops policies, refunds are not offered & it is the responsibility of the buyer to read & understand this before placing an order.

Where is my order?

In the event that you purchased tracking on your order, you can contact your local Postal Service regarding any inquiries about the tracking of your package.

Unfortunately once a package is handed over to the Postal Service, Liliths Wares no longer claims any control or responsibility over the package.

If your package has not arrived after a long period of time, the buyer may file a claim with the local Postal Service, provided they purchased tracking on their order.

When it comes to package tracking information, Liliths Wares is provided the same information as the buyer. As such, the shop unfortunately will not have more information than the buyer regarding the tracking of their order.

The Postal Service returned my order to you, what now?

In the event that an order is returned to Liliths Wares via the Postal Service, there are two options to resolve the situation.

The first is having the buyers order re-shipped, provided they pay for shipping again.

The second is having the buyer cancel their order, but the refunded amount would be minus the original shipping fee & minus a 10% restocking fee.

Other Questions

My order arrived damaged, help!

In the event that an item arrives damaged, Liliths Wares would be more than happy to resolve the issue for you.

Please make sure to reach out via email [Lilithswares@gmail.com] with your name, order number, the issue, & a photo of the damaged item.

Unfortunately the regular contact page is unable to be used in this situation as you're unable to attach photos to your message.

Will you be restocking ????? item?

Restocking is at the discretion of Liliths Wares at any given time.

If certain items are selling well enough [stickers, charms, keychains, etc.] then most likely they will be restocked, unless otherwise noted.

For items that require lengthy pre-order campaigns & require a mass purchase, most likely not unfortunately. That is unless there is enough interest in a second, third, etc. pre-order campaign.