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Mini Bear Plushie

Mini Bear Plushie

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Plushie Grade

✦ One [1] 4 inch round video game bear inspired plush.
✦ Soft exterior fabric, that is smooth to the touch.
✦ Plush is squishy, but firm enough to hold its shape.

Pre-Order Information

✦ Due to the nature of pre-order campaigns, pre-orders are unable to be canceled. Please be sure you definitely want the product before placing an order.

✦ Pre-orders in this shop are done as "campaigns", a certain number of each plushie must be sold for the campaign to be successful & continue on to manufacturing.

✦ In the event that a plushie doesn't meet the goal, then that plushie will not be produced & customers will be refunded in full.

✦ Once pre-orders close, the manufacturing process begins. This is something that can take a few months. This means it will be some time before you recieve your plushie(s).


✦ Colors may vary from what you see on screen to what you receive.

✦ Plastic is used when putting embroidery on the plushies. Sometimes this plastic gets stuck & left on the plushie in small amounts. Gently pull the plastic off the embroidery to remove it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

My favorite little fella, he is absolutely adorable and very squishy. He's genuinely very well made. I adore him immensely and he is my study buddy for finals rn :)

Katelyn Kohler
Cutest Little Buggers 😍

Absolutely Love them! They are so soft and squishy, their little faces are my favorite! Can't wait for my Big Freddy to come soon!! 🥰😍

Brendan Pump
So much better then I thought

It is really stuffed so it is hard like a ball it is high quality material and has very good quality over all. Only complaint would be it took almost 3 weeks to get to me and shipping was the same as the price of the item.

Hello Brendan, thank you so much for your review. [TL;DR at the bottom]

After seeing your complaints, I decided to look into the matter & I must say that unfortunately I'm a bit confused. You placed an order for the mini bear plushie on November 24th at 12:25am, shortly after the black friday sale went live. Your order was packaged that very same day [Nov 24th], picked up by USPS the very next day [Nov 25th] & then scanned into their system on Nov 26th.

Once scanned into their processing facility, the item was delivered on Dec 6th, 10 days after it was originally input into their system, but that includes non-business days as well. As shipping estimates are based on business days only, it took 8 business days to reach its destination. Which is understandable, seeing as how so many people across the US were placing orders on black friday from various different stores.

Furthermore, I looked into the cost of shipping your item & you paid $5.75 while the plushie itself was on sale for $14.99 [originally $19.99]. Unfortunately, shipping costs are at the discretion of USPS & are in no way determined by myself or my shop.

Misinformation can be detrimental to a small business, even if followed by a 5-star review. Overall, the 3 week delivery period & $15 shipping you had claimed in your review was a bit exaggerated, both the date & shipping cost was tripled in your recount. The delivery had taken 8 business days & the shipping cost was a total of $5.75.

TL;DR - spreading misinformation, even on a five star review can genuinely hurt a small business.

Kat McGouirk
Perfect little guy!

Freggy was perfectly palm sized and excellent in quality! I love him so much and I will be sure to return to this shop in the future! :)

Cute mini Freddy

My daughter loves the mini Freddy plush. It was as described and arrived in a timely manner.