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Alligator Plushie - PRE-ORDER

Alligator Plushie - PRE-ORDER

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✦ This item is currently up for pre-order, more details can be found in the drop down below.
✦ The manufacturing process can take some time, so it will be a few months before these products are shipped out.

✦ One [1] 12 inch round video game alligator inspired plush.
✦ Soft exterior fabric, that is smooth to the touch.
✦ Plush is squishy, but firm enough to hold its shape.

Pre-Order Information

✦ Due to the nature of pre-order campaigns, pre-orders are unable to be canceled. Please be sure you definitely want the product before placing an order.

✦ Pre-orders in this shop are done as "campaigns", a certain number of each plushie must be sold for the campaign to be successful & continue on to manufacturing.

✦ In the event that one plushie doesn't meet the goal, then that plushie will not be produced & customers will be refunded in full.

✦ If one or more plushies fail, while others succeed, those that failed will not affect the ones that did not.

✦ Once pre-orders close, the manufacturing process begins. This is something that can take a few months. This means it will be some time before you recieve your plushie(s).


✦ Colors may vary from what you see on screen to what you receive.

✦ Plastic is used when putting embroidery on the plushies. Sometimes this plastic gets stuck & left on the plushie in small amounts. Gently pull the plastic off the embroidery to remove it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Cristian Cruz
Best plush

This plush is super high quality and is super soft! BEST Plush

Perfect little guy

I was so lucky to have nabbed this guy, and I have to say, I absolutely love him. Super cute, a good amount of squish but still a little firm so he holds his shape well! The perfect size for cuddling. The fabric is super soft too, and the colors are accurate without being too blindingly vibrant. 10/10


I received my Monty plushy today and I love him so much! He is so soft and squishy and he is very well made, thank you so much! :)


I love my Monty so much! He’s so squishy and soft to cuddle, I haven’t let go of him since he arrived! I couldn’t be happier and I’m so satisfied!


Monty is perfect. He’s so squishy and soft. Love him ♥️