Plushie Updates

Update [Nov 7th, 2022] - Hello everyone! Plushies will begin arriving at the shop towards the end of November. Once everything is accounted for, I'll begin shipping them out to those who pre-ordered!

If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out & thank you so much for your continued patience.


Update [Oct 11th, 2022] - Production on the plushies has been completed! They are currently in the process of being shipped to the shop & that takes around a month or so as 67 boxes have to be transported. Once they're received, quality checks will be done, & orders will begin shipping out. 

Please keep in mind that all orders are being packaged & shipped by one person, so it will take some time to ship out hundreds of orders. I will do my best to get them out as quickly as possible, but there is only so much that I can do!

Update [Oct 3rd, 2022]
- As of right now, the completed production date has been pushed back a bit. To explain, while the manufacturer had started work on a good chunk of the 800+ plushies, they didn't have enough fabric for certain ones & a special order for said fabric had to be placed. It took a bit of time to come in, which is the main reason production will be pushed back a bit.

On top of that, my manufacturer is currently on vacation & will be back by the end of this week. At that point in time I will be able to discuss with them to have a more definitive date of when the plushies will be complete.

I genuinely apologize for the delay, but unfortunately these things can happen during mass production. I'll post another update once I have more information from my manufacturer!

Update [Sept 15th, 2022]
- Plushies are in production & have been for a few weeks. According to my manufacturer, the plushies should begin shipping to me by October 1st at the latest as long as things continue smoothly. 


Hello! Moving forward this is where all plushie updates will be. The goals for the plushies are no longer visible & instead, the current stock that is left will be updated here at the end of every day.

That being said, the Chick, Rabbit, & Wolf plushies were falling behind the original Bear & Alligator plushies. After discussing with the manufacturer, they agreed to produce a small quantity of those 3 plushies for the shop this one time. That means, once the 3 new plushies are sold out, that's it for them, as they didn't do well enough to warrant the actual minimum production quantity of 200-500.

Generally speaking, I don't believe the Chick, Rabbit, & Wolf will have a second run / release as the minimum production order quantity from the manufacturer has increased. The first time the Bear & Alligator were released, the minimum orders that needed to be reached were only 100, now they're pushing for closer to 500 per plushie & the new plushies haven't reached near that.

Regardless, I was able to come to an agreement with the manufacturer so that all the plushies will be produced this time around. This was an extensive back & forth, but I didn't want those who did order the new plushies to have their order cancelled & miss out.

There will be extra plushies put aside for quality control checks & so long as everything is okay when they come in, the extra plushies held will also be listed for sale.

Instead of closing the pre-orders Aug 7th @ 11:59pm EST, it has been decided to leave them open until the rest of the current stock is sold out. This is being done to give people more time to potentially order if they weren't able during the original pre-order period.

Production Time Frames

Production time for the plushies will be about 50-55 days from Aug 8th.

Shipping to the shop will take around 30 days after production ends.

Then it's just on me [the shop owner] to ship all the orders out to those who placed pre-orders. It should be noted that as I am just one person, doing quality checks & shipping out hundreds of plushies will take a little time. Once they are in my hands though, I will do my best to get them out as quickly as possible!

Plushie Stock

 Plushie Number Available Current Number of Orders Number Left for Purchase
Bear 250 206 44
Alligator 175 98 77
Chick 80 31 49
Wolf 80 33 47
Rabbit 80 31 49